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The Shortcut to Promotion

Ronald Jordan
Apostle and Team Leader
A.M.I. South Africa

One of the things the Lord has been re-teaching me personally over the last few weeks, is that there is no such thing as being too humble.

The culture today worships the god of me. People talk about empowerment, and becoming the best you that you can be. And on one hand, it's not all bad. But the problem is, when you start going down this slippery slope called pride, it blinds you to the fact that you are going too far. 

The crazy thing is that to a certain extent, pride initially leads to more success because you are self-confident, and you take risks and then reap the reward.

It's easy to identify this in someone else, but what about your own heart? I love how Jesus puts it in Luke 14, when He said that if you are invited to a gathering, you should take the place of less honor, so that if someone more important than you comes along, you won't be humiliated!

But the most important part is verse 11 which says:

"For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted."

I can't tell you how true this statement is in ministry. The moment when you think you can minister to God's people out of your own cleverness, that is when a fresh lesson in humility awaits you!

And the higher you go in ministry, the truer this is. Apostle Paul said that it seems to him that God has put us apostles on display to be made a spectacle of for all the world to see our weakness, so that through that Christ may be glorified.

If you have been wondering why your ministry isn't taking off the way you would hope, ask yourself this: "Am I operating in my area of strength, or my area of weakness?"

The Word says that when we are weak, He can be strong. Thus, when we think too highly of ourselves and our own abilities, the power of Christ is limited in us.

It is so easy to get used to flowing in the gifts of the spirit, that you can forget that they are not your gifts. Your call is not your call. It's His gifts, and it's His call. 

All we can do is fall down on our knees, and acknowledge that we can do nothing without Him. But even more than that, we have to live this fact out by doing the following:

Philippians 2:3 says,

"Don't be selfish; don't try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves."

This is how you beat pride and selfishness. You can have the greatest faith in the world. You can "give" of yourself, tirelessly. But if you don't have the agape love of Christ, you have nothing. But if you have that love, you have everything you need.

I encourage you this day to take time to come into the presence of the Lord and let Him fill those needs that are driving you to lift yourself up. You don't need to cover your insecurities with the fleshly things anymore. 

Sometimes, when you put down the things that you have been using to cover your weaknesses, you feel like you are naked, just hanging in the wind. But it is when you take that step of faith, that Jesus comes and covers you with His glory.

Where there was imperfection, weakness, self-doubt, He clothes you with His very presence. So that when people look at you, they don't see the frail you that you really are, but they see the King of Kings living through you.

All of us have things that we use to make ourselves feel better. That is why you reach for pride and self-centeredness in the first place. But the mark of the high calling is to become like Jesus, who even though He had every right to be high and lifted up, chose to be made nothing for our sakes.

Are you ready to be made nothing for the sake of the Kingdom? If you are, then in due time, He will lift you up into the sight of people. You can count on it!