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Prophetic Boot Camp

For it is in the training of the prophet that he begins to realize that all of his scrapes and bruises along the way are the very thing that the people will be able to identify with.

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Practical Prophetic Ministry

Your GPS into Prophetic Training
Learn more about what a prophet is

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Called to Succeed
May this word be the wind beneath your wings. "Come to me all you who are heavy laden. Did I not create a road in the desert and a river in the wilderness? My Child, look to Me, so I can be your source of blessing... Click Here to Read More


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I obtain credits if I completed some of your courses on previous systems?

Yes, we will allow previous students to obtain credentials for courses fully completed in either A.M.I. Fivefold Training School or previous systems, under the condition that they were proper registered students. (Simply purchasing and reading the text book does not qualify).

Can I pay for a course monthly?

We do over a Tuition payment plan that you can apply for, but this is to help you finance an entire degree program, and not just an individual course.

You will have to pay for a single course up front in full. To find out more regarding our fees, please visit our Tuition page.

Alternatively, the A.M.I. Fivefold Traing School overs a monthly payment option.

Is there a time limit in which I must do the courses?

No, you are welcome to take as long or as quickly as you like to complete your courses. Your progress lies in your own hands. However, there will be a graduation ceremony at the end of every year.

So you should work with that in mind.

How much time will each course take me to do?

Live Classes are based on a seven class per course basis, with classes being held weekly. To find out when the next live training class is, please view the Curriculum.

For online students, each course might take in the region of 3 — 4 months to complete. This of course depends on the pace you choose and if you also choose to do more than one course at a time.

How many courses can I do at a time?

If you are training solely online, you have the liberty to do as many courses at a time as you would like. However, for live training students we currently operate only two courses at a time each Tuesday and Friday.

What is the difference between our Prophetic School and our Fivefold Training School?

The Lessons:

In the Fivefold School all lessons are read online. Including practical projects and multiple choice. In the Prophetic School all lessons are given online, but it video format, allowing you to have us right in your home!

The Courses:

In the Fivefold School you are only permitted to do 1 at a time. In the Prophetic School, you have the liberty to do as many courses at a time as you desire, at your own pace.

The Payment Method.

In the Fivefold School students pay a flat rate of $50 a month and have access to 1 course at a time. In the Prophetic School, students typically pay up front for each course. However, we do offer a tuition payment program.

If after purchasing or starting a course I decide to stop can I ask for a refund? What is your policy on refunds?

Refunds are NOT given for registration fees or for any course or full modules that you have paid for. So please ensure that you intend to follow through when enrolling. However, we do offer refunds for any Study Kits that are unopened and returned.

In the case of refunds for study kits, please note that the refund will not include the original cost of shipping as the return was not in our error. Also, we will assess a 10% restocking fee.

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