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Your Hideout with Jesus

Anne Chen
Prophet and Team Member
Apostolic Movement International

Sometimes life can get so overwhelming that I just want to get away and get some peace and quiet. I just want to put aside all those things that are clamoring for my attention and jump on a plane to a tropical island where I can just lay on the beach and listen to the waves.

Unfortunately, we all know that isn't always possible, though the idea sounds very nice.

Life can be messy and has a lot of challenges and trials, but what is important is... How do you deal with them? 

Because we are believers, we know from the Word that the Lord loves us, is always with us and has given us everything we need through Christ Jesus.

But when the pressures of life get too big and overwhelming, how do you drink from the rivers of living water that the Lord Jesus says is available to you?

... You do this by entering into the secret place with Jesus.

If you are married, you know that place that you go to with your spouse where you really talk to one another, share your heart, take comfort and joy in just spending time with your loved one.

After spending that quality time with your spouse, problems seem more approachable, the burdens of the day don't feel so heavy, and you come away feeling loved, supported and are reminded that you don't have to do life alone.

If that is what we can experience with another human being, how much more can we benefit from spending this kind of time with the one who loves you so much, Jesus?

Spending quality time with Jesus is often called the secret place. It is a place that has room only for you and Jesus. It is there that you can lay all of our burdens and cares down and open your heart to Christ. This is a place where you will feel loved and supported, and is an oasis away from the pressures of the world.

This is a place where you can truly be yourself with all your faults and mistakes, shortcomings and sin and like a child that has been playing in the dirt, Jesus can just give you a bath so you are clean again.

This place is your refuge and your place of safety. The secret place is where you will renew and refresh your relationship with the Lord Jesus. This relationship is part of the inheritance for each and every believer and Jesus desperately desires to have this with you.

To get to this special, secret place only takes two things.

1. Setting some time aside without distractions
2. Being willing to open up your heart to Him

Oftentimes opening your heart is actually the biggest obstacle to entering into this place with Jesus. It can be a challenge to be vulnerable and show what is really inside your heart and how you feel, but taking that step is the most rewarding risk you will ever take in your life.

For every emotional risk you take in opening your heart to Jesus, He always responds with such love in a way that you can tangibly feel. This is letting Jesus into your life and heart, and in return He pours everything you need back into you. This is what Jesus died on the cross for, the chance to have this intimate relationship with you.

So, if you are in dire need of a break or a refuge from the world, take this chance to enter into the secret place with Jesus. It doesn't have to be long, but it will reconnect you with His love, His strength, His encouragement and His support. This your chance to meet your loving savior face-to-face any time you need to. 

Yes... there is the glory, the power and the anointing at church meetings, but this close and intimate relationship with Christ is the one that you take home and that you have once the meeting is over. That is what gives you the strength to get you through your week, and through the rocky trials of life.

If you haven't spent some quality time with Jesus in a while, why not take a moment out of your busy day to do so? Or if you feel as if you have never encountered Jesus in this way, He is so excited to be able to spend some time with you and to pour out His love to you.

I pray that spending some time with Jesus will refresh you, give you the strength and wisdom to keep you going and also bring a whole new dimension to your relationship with Him!