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The Prophetic Field Guide Series

Birthing, decreeing, releasing, appointing kings, prophets are always on the cutting edge, moving in line with the will of God - bringing heaven to earth!

Get your hands on this series and take your prophetic call to the next level!

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Today's Prophet Dare Challenge

Join us as we celebrate the call and fire the Lord has placed on the prophets. This event is a dedication to the new release of the Today's Prophet book on the AMI Bookshop, and to prophets everywhere!

Join the AMI Team in our Today's Prophet Dare Challenge, as we dare one another and you to fulfill functions and behaviors native to the prophet.


Called to Succeed
May this word be the wind beneath your wings. "Come to me all you who are heavy laden. Did I not create a road in the desert and a river in the wilderness? My Child, look to Me, so I can be your source of blessing... Click Here to Read More


Summary of A.M.I.S.A. Prophetic School Training Courses

Bachelor Degree Program

The completion of the Bachelor Program Courses will qualify a student to receive a Bachelor's Degree in Prophetic Ministry. When the courses are completed successfully, you will be invited to a Graduation Ceremony and receive your degree

It will take you 48 weeks of studying (vacation and holidays not included) to complete the Bachelor Degree Program. For further detail on the exact study schedule, visit the detailed course pages for each course. 

1 - The Way of Dreams and Visions Course

prophetic dreams and visions course

The Gifts of the Spirit Begin With Dreams and Visions

In this course you will learn:

• How to get a vision.
• How to pray for someone to get inner healing.
• What to do with a dream once I got the interpretation.
• How to give a prophetic word from a vision.
• How to preach prophetically from the visions I got.
• I wanted to know how to interpret for others, but using wisdom.
• How to deal with someone who was in deception.
• How to sense if a revelation was of God or not.

View the Dreams and Visions Lesson Plan

2 - The Practical Prophetic Ministry Course

Prophetic Ministry Course

Prophetic Mentorship at Its Best

If you ever had doubts of your prophetic calling or are just plain curious, this course will not only confirm your call, but thrust you headlong into prophetic training!

In this course you will learn:

  • Flow in all of the gifts of the spirit.
  • Mark off your prophetic preparation and know whats next
  • Deception, warfare and intercession
  • Everything a prophet is and does.
  • How to step out in your prophetic calling.
View the Practical Prophetic Ministry Lesson Plan

3 - The Prophetic Foundation Course

Setting New Standard in Prophetic Education

Prophetic Foundation

It's not good enough just to have the anointing to fulfill your calling. You also need the know-how.

In this course you will learn:

• How to fulfill your purpose in the Church.
• How to flow in faith, hope and love effectively.
• How to use the spiritual gifts correctly.
• When you need to speak up and when you need to be quiet.
• How to decree effectively.

View the Prophetic Foundation Lesson Plan

4 - Prophetic Operations Course

Prophetic Operations

Discover the Life and Joy of Your Prophetic Call

This course will give you all the tools you need to walk out your prophetic calling practically. In other words, you will truly receive the tools of the trade here.

In this course, you can expect:

  • To really understand what real intercession is.
  • To discover that the main weapon in the belt of the prophet is decree!
  • To learn that you can tap into the anointing within you at any time.
  • To experience what prophetic music is all about.
View the Prophetic Operations Course Lesson Plan

5 - Prophetic Training Course

Prophetic Training

Your Life is About to Make Sense...

For the first time in your life you will be able to look back over the years and plot out the phases of prophetic preparation and prophetic training that the Lord has taken you through.

You will:

  • Learn how to identify your prophetic preparation and training.
  • Become equipped for your prophetic calling.
  • Bring your prophetic training to completion!
  • No longer just think you are a prophet, you will BECOME a prophet!
View the Prophetic Training Course Lesson Plan

6 - Prophetic Warfare Course

Prophetic Warfare

Handling Spiritual Warfare as a Prophet

Not only does the prophet carry a high level of spiritual authority, but he is also called to tear down satan's kingdom.

This course will give you:

  • The armour you need to face any level of demonic power.
  • Understanding on how satan works, the levels of his operation and how to overcome him.
  • A clear understanding of your authority in Christ.
  • The tools to engage in spiritual warfare at the highest level.

View the Prophetic Warfare Course Lesson Plan

7 - Prophetic Office Course

Prophetic Office

Bringing It All Together

This is the last course in this training program, and will bring it all together.

Here you will discover:

  • The real difference between being in prophetic ministry and being in office.
  • That the Lord gives His prophets the prophetic key!
  • That there is a high level of authority given to you if your qualify for office.
  • How you qualify for prophetic office.
  • How to counsel prophetically.
View the Prophetic Office Course Lesson Plan

Master's Degree Program

Coming Soon!