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Sitting at His Feet

Denise Jordan
Apostle and Minstry Team Member
A.M.I. South Africa

As I was just spending some time with the Lord the other day, He reminded me of a powerful little truth. I was just sharing my heart with Him, looking at all He has been doing in my life and the running of this ministry lately.

I just felt His love and the assurance that whatever He said He would do, He will indeed do.

He said to me, "If you can in everything you face and every pressure or problem that comes your way, allow me to touch your heart, change it, convict it and shape it in any which way I want, you will always follow my leading and you will always accomplish what I want!"

This somehow brought such peace. So often you are so busy trying to find wisdom in what you do. You are trying to find the latest trend and follow it and you hope that your problems will just melt away and that you will finally reach the people God wants you to reach.

You know, trying and running and doing... all these things will only take you farther away from the heartbeat of God. If you want to find wisdom, if you want to find out what He thinks and what He wants, firstly, you need to remain moldable and vulnerable so He can change you, and secondly...well, you might just want to be close to His heart so you can hear His heartbeat.

You will be more effective in what you do when you are ready to change and be whatever He wants you to be. Wisdom will come when you sit on His lap and listen to His heartbeat.

He is your Lord and savior and He loves you so much. He made this world. He knows what's going on. So if you lack anything or need anything, it stands to reason that He knows what that is.

You won't find your answers by trying out the latest thing or running around aimlessly. You will find your success at His feet.You will find success when you give up self, lay aside every weight that so easily besets you and listen to the gentle voice of your loving savior.

So this week, instead of taking on hundreds of new projects and trying to find out what you must do next, spend some time at His feet.

Spend some time allowing the Holy Spirit to change and shape you so that you can run in the direction He has for you.

Spend time hearing His voice and feeling His heartbeat. He loves you and He is there for you. He has plans of a good future and of hope.

It's time you take those plans on and start changing the world. If we all do that, we will see a transformation take place.

Let's do it, shall we?