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March 27-28: Prophetic Foundation Weekend School!

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Let's Shake the Church in South Africa!

Hello there South Africa! We here at AMI are excited to raise up the prophets who are needed to bring about the revolution and change the Church here needs right now.

If you'd like to find out a bit more about who we are, just go ahead and click on our About Us page. For now though, let us tell you what we can do for you. Let's just say, you didn't land on this page by accident.

You have likely been searching for answers for a while now. We are happy to present answers for you.

AMI South Africa - Launching the Prophetic Move of God

Let me guess, you are one of two things right now:

1. A budding, passionate prophet out there all by yourself

2. A pastor, who desires change but the "so called prophets in your church" give you a headache

If you fit in either of the two categories, then you have just landed on a page that you can call home. Here at AMI South Africa, we have answers for you. We have oxygen to blow on your flame and wisdom to set you on the right track.

Right now we can offer you three things.

1. Prophetic Weekend School

Let's face it, prophets are dramatic! Full of passion one day, and wanting to give up the next... Prophets know how to swing the pendulum. The Prophetic Weekend School is firstly designed to teach you the fundementals of a course. More importantly though, it will give you the spiritual power to make real progress in your training.

No one is an island, and while at the end, it is God who trains, it helps to have someone who has traveled the road before you to show you the way ahead. This is the big idea around our Prophetic Weekend Schools: To teach, to train, and empower you to be what God needs you to be.

After each weekend school, students will have the opportunity to earn a Diploma for the course through the completion of online study. This involves online interaction between you, a personal trainer and all of the AMI Students online. The cap stone of it all is a Graduation Ceremony. These Weekend Schools are a treasure that you won't want to miss!

Check the Weekend School Schedule

An Extra Feature for ALL our Students

Your Halfway Stop - A Monthly Student Meeting

Prophets are some of the best encouragers in the Church. As a prophet you love to give, pour out, and serve. But sometimes you just need to fill up. Sometimes you just need fellowship with other people who know exactly what you are going through.

That's why once a month we host the Halfways Stop, student meeting. At those meetings you will receive an inspiring message, a practical project, and personal ministry if you desire it. Come and be refreshed at your halfway stop!

2. Online Training

We are located in the Johannesburg area. Unfortunately not everyone lives close to where we hold class, or are able to make it to our Weekend School courses. But all is not lost! If the distance is too far for you to travel, you can complete your studies soley via online training.

Also, if you live close by you are welcome to come to the monthly student meetings. Just because you aren't local to Johannesburg, doesn't mean that you can't receive the breadth and depth of training that you need to rise up as a prophet of God. AMI pioneered online prophetic training, so come and discover where you belong in the Church and how to get there!

3. Satellite School System

It's one thing to go through the training for yourself, but what about those who are following you? Maybe you are a pastor of a church, or a small group leader who wants to mature your flock in the prophetic ministry. Don't worry, we've got you covered. No matter if you just want to do a single course or if you want run the full training mechanism of our Prophetic School in your church, we have a path for you to implement this system in your church!

If you are interested in that option, then please read more about it on our Satellite School page and contact us about scheduling an interview.

Ready to get to know us a bit more?

Watch Apostle Colette Toach's Calling All Prophets Video

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