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As of April 1, 2015:

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Dreams and Visions Course Kick off Saturday April 11!

Watch Apostle Colette's introductory video, and see if this is for you:

prophetic dreams and visions course

To apply, call 071-056-6321 or click here

A.M.I.S.A. University


A.M.I.S.A. Prophetic School

Called, Chosen... Now What?

Let me guess – God called you to be His prophet. He chose you from your mother's womb, and now here you are – rejected, hurt, and never listened to. No matter what you do, your pastor thinks you are crazy, your friends don't exist, and your family has singled you out as a black sheep from the day you were born.

However, regardless of the pain you have gone through, there is this unsatisfiable passion in your heart to do the work of God. There is a fire shut up in your bones that no amount of rejection or pain can extinguish.

If that is you, keep reading because we have a solution for you! That fire is real. God placed it there. You can keep that fire and learn how to use it properly. You can bring change without the hurt, rejection, and pain.

The reason why you haven't made the impact you desire to make is because you haven't had the proper training and education. Yes – I know. You are a prophet and want to just spend time in the spirit receiving from God. However, here is a newsflash.

If you really could just jump on a glory cloud, receive the anointing from God directly, and then come down here, walk out your call, and transform the Church, you would have already done it, wouldn't you?

But here you are, sitting in the corner not knowing if the crazy passion and dreams you have will ever yield any fruit.

Reality Check 1 - You Are Normal

Prophet of God, realize that the fire shut up in your bones is God's call on your life! You are perfectly normal.

We here at A.M.I.S.A. University know what it's like to be where you are. It is because of the compassion and fire in our own hearts that we stand here today, extending this training to you.

You can bring change! You can succeed, and you can overcome all the hurt and pain you have faced. God has called you to shake the Church and to bring the passionate, agape love that Christ showed when He died on the cross back into the hearts of each one sitting in the pews.

Reality Check 2 - You Need Education and Training

However, you are lacking good, bible-based education, as well as mentorship and training. It's a good thing that you just found that exact thing here at A.M.I.S.A. Prophetic School.

We are committed to training you and raising you up, much like Elijah trained Elisha. We ourselves were trained by Apostles Craig and Colette Toach, the authors of the training courses we now use to train here at A.M.I.S.A. Prophetic School. It was through their constant love and committment, that we now have what it takes, to pass on to you.

Two Methods of Training

Study Method 1 - Live Training (Face-to-face Interaction)

We offer this training in a live setting. Our school is located in Benoni, Johannesburg (full address is displayed on the right hand side). If you live in that area, you will be able to join us for our weekly classes.

Live training is done through weekly live classes. Our program consists of a total of 7 courses that we set out to complete in 1 year of live study. To see our full timetable and how the terms are set up, click here.

Study Method 2 - Online Training (Video Training)

Perhaps what you have read here really moved you, and you want to be part of it. However, you live in another part of the country. No problem - you can simply pursue the training online.

You won't have the frequent face-to-face interaction, but you will be able to work through the same materials and teachings and will also be allocated a personal trainer who will be there for you via phone, email, and WhatsApp to take you through this process.

To check out our recommendation for online study click here.

How to Get Started

Step 1 - Choose Your Degree Program

Before you submit your application, you need to choose your degree program. We offer 2 Degree Programs. Each program contains a set of courses that must be completed successfully in order for you to qualify for the respective degree.

Bachelor's Program

The Bachelor's Program consists of 3 courses. Each course is made up of 7 classes. Each class contains up to 2 lessons. For a full lesson plan, and detailed course description, please click on each course below.

1. The Way of Dreams and Visions Course

2. The Practical Prophetic Ministry Course

3. The Prophetic Foundation Course

Master's Program

The Master's Program can only be pursued once you have successfully completed the courses in the Bachelor's Program. The Master's Program consists of 4 courses. Each course is made up of 7 classes.

Each class contains up to 2 lessons. For a full lesson plan, and detailed course description, please click on each course below.

1. The Prophetic Operations Course

2. The Prophetic Training Course

3. The Prophetic Warfare Course

4. The Prophetic Office Course

Step 2 - Select Part-Time Study Versus Full-Time Study

Part-Time Student

You can choose to complete the degree program as a part-time student. As a part-time student, you will complete 1 course at a time. For live students, this means that you attend 1 class a week (as opposed to 2 for full-time students). In this case, you will complete your Master's degree within 2 years.

For online students, this also means that you are enrolled in 1 course at a time. Although the time is not completely restricted here, we suggest submitting at least 2 lessons per week. At this pace, you will then be ready for graduation within 2 years.

Full-Time Student

Our full-time students go through the Bachelor's and Master's Courses within 1 year and graduate at the end of the year.

A full-time student will be enrolled in 2 courses at a time. For live students, this means attending 2 live classes a week, always on Tuesdays and Fridays.

For full-time online students, this means to also be enrolled in 2 courses at a time, with our recommendation to complete at least 2 lessons per course, per week.

For a full calendar please click here.

Step 3 - Submit Your Application for Approval

Once you have decided which course of study you want to follow and whether you want to enroll as a full-time student or a part-time student, you are ready to complete the application form.

Like stated earlier, all of us here at A.M.I.S.A. are committed to becoming as an Elijah to you. We want to see you rise up in the fullness of your prophetic call. So, we will commit to you, and in turn, expect you to commit to us.

It's for this very reason that we will take your application and consider it prayerfully. We will seek the Lord on your behalf and see where you are at. We will respond to your application within 48 hours. Once your application is approved, you will then be set to get started.

If your heart is moved and the fire in your belly stirred, go ahead and submit your application for approval now.

You can also stop by our office, and fill in an application in person. Find our office hours and location, on the right hand side of this page.

Time to Rise and Shine

We have left you with quite a bit of information. This is our training school at a glance. If you are ready to become an elite student who will not only excel in knowledge, but take the sword the Lord has for you and use it in wisdom, then we are here to get you to that place.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we have no pride or boast. In the words of Apostle Paul, "We are but fools for Christ!" We seek to impart the passion for God's love and His pattern to you.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to give us a call, send us a WhatsApp, or even visit us at our office. All our contact information is displayed to the right here. So don't be shy, okay?

Let's change the world for Christ. Take this call and transform into the prophet He has called you to be.

In His everlasting love,

Ronald and Denise Jordan
Apostles and Team Leaders
A.M.I.S.A. Prophetic Training School